Graphictac FB - adhesive vinyl roll, adhesive holographic vinyl ENGLISH / 中文版 / SPANISH

100% Made in Taiwan

Taiwan made adhesive

Taiwan Nan Ya film

Imported Japanese liner


About us

Graphictac is the brand name of Kae Cheang Industrial Co. LTD. We are a family-owned business specializing in the OEM/ODM manufacturing of self-adhesive vinyl material since 2001, providing extensive product range in cutting vinyl, inkjet printing media, car wrapping and window / decorative vinyl.

We pride ourselves in providing Made-in-Taiwan quality products, using top tier Taiwan made adhesives and Nan Ya brand face film, as well as Japanese imported liner paper. For the first 15 years of our company, we have conservatively expanded our business by cooperating with several brands from the Southeast Asian countries, but now that the company is being managed by the young and ambitious 2nd generation since 2016, our business has been growing steadily in production capacity, technical expertise and innovativeness. With close team work between sales, marketing and R&D divisions, we continually developing unique new products to meet the market needs, custom projects for specific application are welcomed, we offer consultation and technical expertise to design and manufacture tailored made product to suit different requirement.


Our aim is to offer exceptional service, professional consultation, ethical business practices and premium quality products to importers/, wholesalers / brands around the world, building up a network of highly professional and loyal partners worldwide in the selling and promotion of our products for long-term growth.